Breaking News! Act 250 Land Use Permit Approved

We have big news to report for the Vermont Artisan Village! The State of Vermont recently issued a Land Use Permit Amendment (Act 250 Permit) to the property at 6221 Shelburne Road, Shelburne VT (Shelburne Green) which specifically authorizes the construction of 12 buildings totaling 70,550 gsf with a combination of uses including general office, cafe, warehousing, food-processing, light manufacturing and accessory retail with supporting parking, storm-water management and utility infrastructure.

small wood buildingIn addition, the town of Shelburne has acquired an easement from the Route 7 sidewalk located at the intersection with Marsett Road, and extending south through the Shelburne Family Housing project. This project sits just north of the Shelburne green/Vermont artisan village project site. The new easement would thus connect the Shelburne green/Vermont Artisan Village project site to the Shelburne village.

CCTA Bus Stop SignDid you know that there are two CCTA bus stops for easy access to the Vermont Artisan Village? CCTA stops in front of the Shelburne Museum and right around the corner on Marsett Road. Both are within walking distances from the proposed site for the Vermont Artisan Village!

And finally, our website has been updated recently… The newly approved walking paths, common loading dock and garden areas have been added to the latest drawing which is now on our website.

Find out more information on the layout of Vermont Artisan Village and where your potential business can be located.


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