Spotlight on our Tenants

The Vermont Artisan Village website now includes a brand new Tenant section!   This space is dedicated to promoting the business details of the amazing tenants located on site at our community.

This month’s blog highlights two of our tenant businesses with strong “roots” at the Vermont Artisan Village: Yoga Roots and Taproot Magazine.


Yoga Roots strives to provide community experiences that promote healing on all levels. They offer classes and programs that clarify your mind, strengthen your body and ignite your joyful spirit! The studio is flooded with natural light, and provides a peaceful space for the whole community to enjoy.

Yoga Roots in co-owned by Heidi Bock and Katie Bohlin, who are highly-certified teachers with a passion for healing and joyfulness.

Fostering true community spirit, Yoga Roots now offers early morning and late evening classes to better accommodate work schedules. They also offer a discount to employees who work at our Shelburne Green site.  Check out Yoga Roots brand new fall schedule at


Taproot is an independent, ad-free quarterly magazine focused on Food, Farm, Family and Craft. Founded in 2012 by Ted Blood and Jason Miller, owners of Nova Natural Toys & Crafts (where Taproot shares space) and by blogger Amanda Soule (, it is in its fourth year of publishing.

Each issue has a theme word that is given to contributors who create essays, poems, art and more that is then placed in the magazine’s three sections: head (thoughts about living more connected lives), hands (things to make and do) and heart (the experience of people living this way). Subscriber-supported, we invite you to be a part of Taproot. Learn more at


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