Feed Your Passion

At Vermont Artisan Village, it is our passion to collaborate with local culinary artisans.  We love building relationships with inspiring partners and bringing the bounty of their talents closer to our community.  We are excited to share our latest connection, Brotbakery.


Photo courtesy of brotbakery

Born and raised in Germany, Brotbakery founder Heike Meyer has been baking alongside respected bakers in Germany, France and the United States from an early age.  Heike also studied tourism and foreign languages, and brings inspiration from her extensive travels to her wood-fired bakery located in Fairfax, Vermont.

Brotbakery is committed to 100% natural baking, with no shortcuts. “It is a philosophy I strongly believe in and I hope to inspire others with this approach,” Heike told us. “Conquering the world with the delicious flavor of a truly naturally baked bread or pastry is what makes this work exciting and beautiful, and the response is always amazing.”

The Brotbakery education project was launched in 2015 together with anthropologist and food educator Anna Mays. Heike and Anna are very passionate about good food, in the sense that it should be sustainably grown, nutrient dense and delicious. They both enjoy traveling the world to be inspired and learn from food artisans around the globe.  “Bringing this knowledge back to Vermont to share with our community is just fantastic,” explains Heike.

This diverse cultural knowledge makes for some very unique educational offerings at Brotbakery. Their baking classes are multi-disciplinary in nature and include narratives about the region of production, terroir, heritage of ingredients, and the unique history and culture that surround each bread, pastry or dish being prepared. They offer a wide spectrum of classes and workshops, covering everything from simple 101 classes on natural baking with sourdough, to more in-depth classes that include sprouting grains for culinary use and exploring the origins of Neapolitan pizza.


Photo courtesy of brotbakery

A very unique class is “plant-based pastries and desserts,” using no refined flours or sugars.  This is a popular offering for people with food sensitivities, or just wanting to cut back on their refined sugar intake, which are both growing concerns in the U.S. and many other western countries.

Heike and Anna are very excited about their upcoming class series “Culinary Journey around the World,” which includes “baking trips” to Italy, France, Germany, Scandinavia and beyond.  What a great opportunity to nourish your appetite for learning!

Visit their website at Brotbakery.com to grab a spot in one or more of these classes.  Brotbakery breads and pastries are sold at City Market in Burlington.

The Vermont Artisan Village and Brotbakery are exploring partnership opportunities to bring their talents closer to our collaborative community. We are so happy about expanding our network!  Connect with us to learn more about Vermont Artisan Village and find some inspiration in your own backyard.



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