A Breath of Fresh Air

Change is buzzing all around us in Shelburne. You can feel it, smell it, and taste it! We are super excited to welcome Peg & Ter’s Bar and Kitchen to the Shelburne culinary scene. Our newest neighbors are just a hop skip and a jump away from The Vermont Artisan Village, and we had the pleasure of dining with them last week. What a very refreshing addition for food and drinks along the Route 7 corridor!

VTtortilla tacos Peg&ters

We especially love how the menu at Peg and Ter’s showcases local products crafted by our own artisans here at the Vermont Artisan Village. Three different taco offerings are served on Shelburne’s own Vermont Tortilla Company corn tortillas. The local chorizo variety and Cajun shrimp filled tacos are both winning combinations.

Be sure to try their specialty cocktail crafted with Wild Hart Distillery gin. The botanicals in Shelburne’s local gin are perfectly accented by orange, honey and elderflower. Served in a sky blue coupe glass and tasting like pure nectar of the bees, this drink is a real treat for the senses! Fiddlehead Brewing Company IPA is offered on tap, which is always a smart choice for food-pairing.

WildHartGincocktail Peg&ters

Take a drive to Shelburne this fall season and meet the producers at Vermont Tortilla Company, Wild Hart Distillery and Fiddlehead Brewing. Enjoy tastings and learn about how these products are crafted at the Vermont Artisan Village. Are you a food or beverage entrepreneur? Bring your venture to a new chapter and join our vibrant community of artisan producers. We welcome cheese makers, bread bakers, cider producers, and more to create, collaborate and support local food systems. Cheers to September in Vermont!

sunflowe bee 2







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