Green at Heart

At the Vermont Artisan Village, we value the use of efficient building and production practices. Wild Hart Distillery produces their small-batch craft beverages at our Shelburne Green site in keeping with this core clean and green philosophy.

wild hart main

Wild Hart’s mission statement reads “To create a great spirit, carefully distilled, dependably satisfying.” These “careful” practices include reducing waste through water reuse, and removing material from the waste stream by participating in efforts to turn waste into energy.

wild hart equipmentWild Hart Distillery owner Craig Stevens explains how this works. “Our distillation process includes boiling our mash to separate compounds and recapture only those compounds we want to include in our spirits.”

The process utilizes cold water to condense alcohol vapors into liquid. While the cold water begins at 50 degrees, the resulting water (after cooling the vapor) is between 150 and 180 degrees. That heated water is then piped into the mash tun where another mash can be started with heated water. “This heated water recapture not only reduces the amount of water that is sent back into the waste stream but also reduces our energy costs,” says Stevens.

Waste left over from the fermentation and distillation process contains a high amount of organic material. As opposed to disposal into the waste stream – which results in higher burden on local wastewater treatment facilities – Wild Hart Distillery collects and transports organic material to an anaerobic digester which creates energy.

wild hart craigWild Hart and other tenants at the Vermont Artisan Village also lower their carbon footprint by partnering with local farmers and producers. A new collaboration between Wild Hart and Stowe Cider will be celebrated at their upcoming Juniper Sessions event! Come to the distillery on Saturday, December 8 starting at 12pm for some cider inspired and traditional drinks, snacks, and good company. Wild Hart Distillery is open Thursday-Saturday from 12-5pm for tastings, cocktails and light refreshments.

The Vermont Artisan Village brings together the best in local food production and artisan craftsmanship in a combined production and retail facility. We offer tenants state-of-the-art facilities that feature hi-efficiency heating and cooling with natural gas, efficient LED lighting and non-combustible construction.





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