Hop on the Trail

Bask in the sights, sounds and flavors of the season around Shelburne, VT and at the Vermont Artisan Village. Thanks to Dig in Vermont, Shelburne has its very own culinary Tasting Trail! The producers at the Vermont Artisan Village are proud to be a stop along the tasting route.


Source: DigInVT.com

Discover the Shelburne Tasting Trail details at DigInVT. For the past 8 years, DigInVT has been helping visitors and locals find authentic food and farm experiences in our great state. Plan your excursion to explore our on-site artisan producers: Vermont Tortilla, Wild Hart Distillery, Douglas Sweets, and Fiddlehead Brewing. We are in great company with our neighbors along the trail: Shelburne Vineyard, Shelburne Orchard, and of course Shelburne Farms. Make it a day and give your taste buds a tour of local bites and beverages.

It’s a magical time of year along the Route 7 corridor: bright greens emerging, choruses of peepers, and fresh breezes. Take a local road trip along the Shelburne Tasting Trail this spring to grab the best of this season.


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