The Culinary Corridor is Here

Our tasty slice of Vermont along Route 7 has certainly blossomed into a vibrant community of artisan producers over the past 7 years! Back in 2012, the area including our brand-new site at Shelburne Green along with neighboring businesses was coined an evolving “Culinary Corridor.” The future is now in our scenic corner of Chittenden County, with a continually growing presence in sustainable food, beverage and agricultural production.


The latest growth includes the approved expansion at Fiddlehead Brewing. Fiddlehead’s production needs have been overflowing and this development will increase production and extend their markets. Construction is expected to begin within the next month and will expand the primary brewing space from 10,000 to 40,000 square feet. We are thrilled that Fiddlehead is committed to the local community and is growing their business here in Shelburne at the Vermont Artisan Village.


A quick jump down the lane south of us is Nordic Farms, a recent agricultural addition to the culinary corridor. Nordic Farms is home to Peterson Quality Malt and locally-raised shrimp producer Sweet Sound Aquaculture. Peterson’s Vermont-made malt is used by local breweries such as Foam Brewers in Burlington.

The vibe in our area continues to rise with Slowfire Bakery also making their new home at the Nordic Farms site. Slowfire is known for their artisanal breads and pastries that are famously showcased at the Burlington Farmer’s Market.

The Vermont Artisan Village is at the heart of this culinary center in the company of Shelburne Vineyards, Fiddlehead Brewing, Vermont Tortilla, Douglas Sweets, and Wild Hart Distillery.





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