A Round of Applause for our New Tenant

circlestrings guitar 7 closeup

Photo courtesy of Circle Strings

Circle Strings, a builder of handcrafted stringed instruments, has found their new home at our Shelburne Green site. We are thrilled to welcome another outstanding local artisan business to the Vermont Artisan Village community.

For the past 15 years, Circle Strings has been making top-quality acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos, electric guitars, and ukuleles. Proprietor Adam Buchwald chose the site at the Vermont Artisan Village for its prime location with ease of access in a prospering business zone. The vibrant setting is a big draw for businesses, being so close to popular destinations such as Fiddlehead Brewing, Shelburne Museum, and the village of Shelburne.

A resident of nearby Charlotte, Adam loves both the location and the building, which he describes as “perfect for our needs.” Adam is “happy to be in a thriving, up and coming area for artisans,” and looks forward to seeing more artisan businesses set up shop here. Visitors will soon be able to stop in and see Circle Strings crafting their instruments. “One of the benefits of being in such a great location is drawing in more customers,” says Adam.

Adam and Guitar

Photo courtesy of Circle Strings

Circle Strings’ dedication to their craft includes a focus on environmentally kind practices. “We use as much local material as possible. We are also a wood dealer for many other guitar makers and plan to stock and sell materials from Vermont,” explains Adam. They use all recycled materials for shipping and incorporate finish products that don’t use any VOCs.

Fostering synergies among local artisans is an important part of our mission at the Vermont Artisan Village. Circle Strings harmonizes with this mission and is actively working on collaborations with fellow tenants. Sustainable printer and next-door neighbor Evan Webster Ink will make all of the t-shirts and fulfill their printing needs. Adam also envisions building a custom “house guitar” for a neighboring business to inspire impromptu playing by customers.

circlestrings guitar 5

Photo courtesy of Circle Strings

Circle Strings serves musicians’ needs with quality repair work by experts on staff.  They will also sell supplies such as strings, cases, and picks. “We have stock piles of nice woods to sell and will offer machining and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) services to local craftspeople and builders,” says Adam.

The wood portion of the business, Allied Lutherie, is already in full swing here and they are processing wood to sell for guitar makers. Circle Strings has solid plans in place to expand their space and be fully operational in the spring of 2020. This includes partnering at the site with Dale Fairbanks of Fairbanks Guitars, to make his brand of vintage reproduction guitars.

Be the next to join our incredible lineup of artisan producers at the Vermont Artisan Village. If you would you love to be in the company of businesses who are committed to sustainable local systems, contact us to become a part of this thriving community.





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